The Lash Queen Beauty Studio Lash Ambassador Program

Do you take an interest in lashes or are you a certified lash artist? Do you love our brand and our products? If so, becoming a Lash Queen Beauty Studio Ambassador may be perfect for you! Before you go ahead and apply, be sure to check out our requirements to see if this program is best suited for you.


Lash Queen Beauty Studio Ambassador Benefits:

  • As a Lash Ambassador you can expect to receive Lash Queen Beauty Studio products to review and a specialized discount code for being a ambassador, )

  • Exclusive Ambassador discounts, offers and freebies

  • Be promoted on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and website and in our emails.

  • You will be the first to know and try new products before they hit retail and provide honest feedback.

  • Appear in marketing material, photos and videos.

  • You will be the first pick for any further opportunities we provide. 

  • Asked to participate in lash training courses, trade shows, lash marketing events, etc. 

The Lash Beauty Studio understands that building relationships with carefully selected promoters i.e. Social Media Influencers and Bloggers can be a rewarding experience for both us and our promoters. It is both beneficial and rewarding to see influencers promote out brand whilst themselves growing their own brand. We see this as the perfect influencer match bringing benefits to both sides, after all we all want to grow and get media attention.


How can I become a Lash Queen Beauty Studio Ambassador?

  • Must be a certified lash technician

  • You must have a social media platform i.e. Instagram. However, we are on the search for some YouTubers (if that’s you then get applying!)

  • Instagram or YouTube would be the social media channels of choice. Engaging content featuring outstanding make-up skills, photos, videos and material aligning with our business would be of more interest to us than pure follower count.

  • Are you a blogger? We would also love to work with you.

  • Must be active and updated on social media including but not limited to Instagram.

  • A consistent schedule of posting lash related material at least 10 times per week on social media (using the hashtag #lashqueenbeautysupplies #lashqueenbeautystudio)

  • An exclusive relationship with The Lash Queen Beauty Studio and our products.

  • An excited attitude about The Lash Queen Beauty Studio as a brand and our products.

  • To be a Lash Queen Beauty Studio ambassador you do not need to be flavor of the moment in the social media world, or be a blogger with a massive following. Even if you have a modest following but your channel is well focused on beauty products with good engagement then you may well be a good fit with us.

  • If chosen as an ambassador, you must acknowledge in your Instagram bio that you are a brand ambassador "Lash Queen Beauty Studio Brand Ambassador"

  • Must consistently post, at least 10 times a week be sure to #lashqueenbeautysupplies #lashqueenbeautystudio


However, we also keep an eye out on our social media platforms for any lash queens we think may have the potential to become a Lash Queen Beauty Studio Ambassador. So as long as you are following us on our platforms, liking and commenting on our posts there is a chance you may be scouted by our Lash Queen Beauty Studio Team!

We always value our brand ambassadors and when on board you become a part of the Lash Queen Beauty Studio Ambassador community. We strongly believe in honesty and communication at all times. We are always just a message away so don’t be shy.

We carefully select our brand ambassadors on a quarterly basis (4 times per year). So if you think you have got what it takes then get applying!

We will soon be establishing a YouTube channel focusing on ‘All Things Beauty’, so if you are an influencer that would like to collaborate or be featured/interviewed on the channel let us know.

Want to be a Lash Queen Beauty Studio Ambassador and you think we could work well together, then get in touch using our contact form. Let us know your Instagram, YouTube channel or blog and we’ll check you out.

Thank you for your interest. Please email the following information to our Studio email:




-Length of time Lashing

-Why you want to be a Lash Queen Ambassador

Thank you for your interest. Applications are currently closed. 

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