Saturn Light
GLAMCOR SATURN is a magnifying lamp for professional estheticians, skincare artists, eyelash artists, and other professionals who need high quality lighting and magnification for detailed work. Our advanced HD LED technology provides heat-free, flicker-free lighting to provide a comfortable experience...
Glamcor Flow Pro Kit
GLAMCOR FLOW Pro Kit is our professional ventilation and drying fan system for eyelash and nail artists who want to provide the best possible client experience. Three ultra-quiet mini fans are contained in a lightweight, unobtrusive housing, making it easy...
Glamcor Reveal Pro Kit
Description Unveil your best work with the glamcor reveal pro kit- a portable led lamp with a table clamp. Reveal is a powerful and portable single lamp with five dimming stages with a flexible arm that can be easily maneuvered...
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Limited Edition Lash Queen Heart Light
Our limited edition lash queen ring light is great for youtubers, bloggers, nail techs, lash techs, etc! Our ring light can chnge colors based upon setting as well as brightness. Remote included
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Glam Lash Queen Light
This glamorous light device is all you'll need for your daily work as a lash artist and any other occupation in the beauty industy. This complete and totally customizeable LED lamo allows you to create a very personal and unique...
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