Lash Artist: New Year Resolutions


Lash Artist: New Year Resolutions 

If you’re a lash artist looking for some New Year Resolutions Lash Queen Beauty Company has you covered! We formulated a few tips for Lash Professionals looking to start the new year off strong and pivot their lash business for success. 

Tip #1- Invest in Quality Products

Lash Professionals should be using professional, great quality products. With the amount of lash suppliers on the market you can find a reputable brand that you like and choose to work with their products, which can potentially lead to business partnerships, brand deals, etc. Your clients deserve the most prestigious quality of lash extension supplies available, make sure your using tools that give them just that. 

Cheap supplies also make lashing much harder for you. All of a sudden after you’ve made the transition to a higher quality of supplies you start to notice that your lashing quicker, easier and more efficiently!

Tip #2- Promote Proper Aftercare

You can set your lash business apart just by simply educating your clientele on proper aftercare and how to keep up their extensions. There are alot of lash artists in the area who simply just post photos and no education. You have to do more than that these days. People want to be inspired, educated, motivated, and entertained! Education is the key to setting your lash business up for success. 

Lash Extensions should be washed regularly. Recommend your clients wash them everyday especially if they wear makeup. Lash Extensions should be cleansed with an oil free lash extension cleanser, rinsed with water and blow dried on cool or air dried. 

Tip #3- Stay Ahead of Schedule!

If you don’t have a booking app by 2022 it's time to get one. Clients really don’t want to have to direct message you for an appointment. I understand some beauty businesses say for the sake of building relationships they prefer to message clients back and forth but what happens when you're booked and busy and you just don’t have the time to text a new client back about how to book with you? 

Second thing is to get a calendar. Calendars help you stay on schedule and ahead of all your tasks. If you don’t care for the calendar on your phone, invest in a planner to keep you organized. 

Tip #4- Invest in a Training or Business Seminar 

For the New Year look into attending some networking events for your field or take a training on the areas of your business that are lacking. Continue your education! It is important to keep learning something new in the industry to keep your skills and mind sharp. Networking events are great for connecting with other beauty professionals in the area, business seminars and events are ideal for growing your business and addressing the spots that could use some improvement. 

Tip #5- Post your Work!

Post your work but make sure you're posting photos of your clients that are flattering. Avoid photos of red eyes, crying, discomfort, excessive blinking, etc. New potential clients may become cautious of lash extensions if they see any red eyes or burning. Take different angles of the lashes, one eye shots, close up shots, both eyes, top views, etc. Invest in quality lighting, a good camera (your Iphone should be fine). Edit imperfections and flaws out of the photo, avoid filters and adding lashes to the completed work. We don’t want to false advertise what the lashes actually look like.

We hope these tips help you walk into the New Year Lash Queen! Remember to put your best foot forward this year in business and work towards your goals.

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