How to Attract Clients to your Lash Business


This blog article is about the best ways to attract more clients to your beauty business and generate more revenue.

Some entrepreneurs are able to build their beauty empire by following these three rules:

- Make it comfortable

You want to connect with your clients especially for their first time. They want to feel as though they are in a safe, luxurious environment. Having a nice atmosphere goes a long way! Make sure your space is nice and clean, smells fresh and welcoming. Speak to your clients as they walk into your space. Offer them a water or light refreshment before their appointment. The worst thing you can do is make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy. During the 15 minute consultation ask them questions about how they want their lashes or whatever other service you offer to be. This also lets them know that you actually care about what they want and opens up the comfortability aspect even more. They booked with you because your business attracted them in some way, now all you need to do is execute.

- Advertise your Business on Google My Business

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. It’s especially important that your beauty business is on it. If you haven’t set up a Google My Business page it’s especially important that you do quickly. Even if your a home based beauty business you can still put your business on Google without having to show an actual address. You can display your business phone number, pictures of your work and even link an appointment booking app to the google my business platform. Essentially this step here will bring more eyes to your business which is what you want. This is a completely FREE method of advertising so don’t waste anymore time. Put your beauty business on Google!

- Network with other Beauty Professionals

Social Media is a great way for you to advertise and connect with your clients but another method for you to get your business out there is to connect with other beauty professionals and cross advertise. Go to local events and carry your professional business cards. Make sure you look the part, get really cute, throw on some makeup and a nice outfit and get out there and talk about your business girl!

Talk to Hair Stylists, Nail Artists, Barbers, Massage Spas, and any other beauty professionals you can think of that don’t offer the same service as you. Ask them if they can refer some clients to you and you refer some to them that may need their services. Share some of your business cards and there you go! Easy way to gain additional clientele.

Final Marketing Tips I want to share is that you should really build a lash business that is authentic to you. From there it will be so natural for you to market your business and attract new clients because you’ll find unique selling points about your lash business to share. What makes you different from other artist in your area and why should clients come to you? That’s what you should be thinking about. What makes my lash business unique and how can I offer my clients the absolute best? Then go from there!

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