Must Have Lash Extension Supplies: Beginner Edition



Lash extensions are one of the fastest growing industries in the beauty industry. With all the different types of lash extensions and supplies, it can be difficult to know what you need to start your lash extension business.

The following list covers some must-haves for your lash cart which will help you get started on your new career as a lash extension professional:

Lash Extension Supplies: These are items that every professional should have in their kit. These essential items include proper lighting equipment, sharp lash tweezers, Mac lenses, adhesive rings, mirror, hydrogel pads, tape, lash adhesive, hygrometer, primer, bonder, high quality lash trays and lash cleanser.

- Proper Lighting Equipment: A proper lash light is an essential tool for any lash professional because it provides a bright and even light for the artist to see the application process. Lashing is a very detailed and intricate service so it’s important that you can see the lashes very well. Lash Queen Glam Light is the PERFECT light for your lash studio. It has several settings, brightness and tones making it optimal for great photos and content creation.


- Sharp Lash Tweezers: This is a must-have tool for any lash professional because they are necessary to remove lashes from clients’ eyes after the extensions have been applied. You will need sharp tweezers for the banana peel removal method and simple lash application. In your lash training you will be taught how to hold your isolation tweezer and pickup lash extensions at the same time. Sharp lash tweezers are especially essential. Try our Orabella Collection if your in need or super sharp tweezers with amazing lash grip.


- Mac Lenses: These lenses are made specifically for use with your phone or camera to take nice lash photos. Photos of your work will be a huge magnet for attracting clientele so it’s important that they look clean and professional. A Mac lens allows you to get closer to the clients eye for a more better, detailed shot of their lash extensions.


-Adhesive Rings: You will need adhesive or glue rings to keep your lash adhesive cool during the service. It’s recommended to change your adhesive ring as needed to ensure great lash retention. As you progress in your lash career you may switch to a jade stone or flower cup to hold your adhesive but for beginners the glue rings are always highly recommended.


-Mirror: There are two types of mirrors you may need. One being a small square sized mirror for you as the artist so you can reach hard to see lashes such as the inner corner. The other mirror is the handheld mirror for your clients to see their lashes after you’ve finished your service. It’s important to ask your client for feedback on how she likes her lash extensions after you’ve completed the service. This will help to build reputable services and show your clients that you actually care.


-Hydrogel Pads: These are very important to the preparation for your lash service. Hydrogel pads not only soothe, cleanse and remove under eye dark circles but they also help to protect the bottom lashes during the lash service.


-Tape: You will need tape as well to hold down the bottom lashes, lift up lash lids and pull inner corner lashes out (Your lash trainer should teach you these taping tricks!) You could never have enough tape as a lash artist. There are several different types of tapes that can be used as well from Sensitive medical grade tape such as our Baby Blue Tape to clear tape such as our Micropore Tape. Every lash professional has a preference of tape.


-Lash Adhesive: There are several different types of lash adhesives and you will need to supply yourself with a minimum of two. As a beginner you should look for lash adhesives with a slower dry time (not too slow though cause you don’t want to stay slow) but an adhesive with a 1 second dry time. As a more advanced lash artist you should look for adhesives with a 0.5 second or faster dry time as you have developed these skills. It’s always a great idea to have a sensitive grade adhesive like our Crystal Clear Lash Adhesive for your sensitive eyed clients and a normal adhesive such as Mega Bond Black with a 1 second dry time, 30-55% RH and 4 week shelf life.


-Hygrometers: These are essential to understanding the science behind lashing and adhesives. Hyrometers help you as the lash professional to read the temperature and humidity in the room so that you know what adhesive works best with your lash room conditions. If you don’t have a hygrometer that is something you need like yesterday.


-Primer: This is especially important for preparation of the lashes and also to rid them of any oil, dirt or debris before starting the service. Primer such as Berry Much Primer or Sweet Like Honey are ph balanced primers and they help with lash retention as well as lash prep. Primer is not to be exchanged for lash cleanser. Both are essential to have in your kit.


-Bonder: Great for sealing the glue points at the end of the service to promote optimal retention. Some lash artists may consider this step extra but your clients deserve EXTRA. Go the extra mile and purchase a bonder such as Baby Girl Bonder that will one completely eliminate red eyes, promote retention up to 8+ weeks or more and diminish fumes from the adhesive.


-Prestige Quality Eyelash Trays: The lashes that you use can easily make or break your service. You want to use soft, dark, high quality lash trays that are simple to use and comfortable for your client. Lashes that are hard, stiff and bulky create an unsatisfactory look for your clients and often come with complaints due to how increasingly uncomfortable it is. In other words, choose a lash line that promises prestige quality eyelash extension trays.


-Lash Cleanser: Lastly, lash cleanser is a MUST HAVE for your lash kit. Lash Cleansers help to rid the lashes and lash line of any makeup, mascara, eye boogy’s, dirt, strip lash adhesive, and whatever else your clients lashes may come in with. Our Rose Foam Lash Cleanser is a perfect cleanser because it’s a triple threat! It not only cleans the lashes but also preps them and promotes lash retention.


We hope these tips were helpful for any Beginner Lash Professional or Intermediate artist looking to expand their kit. All of these products mentioned are absolutely essential to your lash service and shouldn’t be looked at as an expense but rather an investment into your growing lash business.

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