Is the lash industry oversaturated?


There's been talk on the town that the lash industry is beginning to become super saturated. Is this true? The truth is all about perspective. How do you see the lash and beauty industry as a whole? If it seems oversaturated to you then it will be. The truth is that it depends on your perspective. 

If you're a beauty professional who sees the industry as oversaturated you are coming from a limited mindset and you are already second guessing yourself. but if you come with a open perspective and understand that there is room for everyone you'll have a better more positive outlook of life as a beauty professional. 

Our advice to you is to avoid focusing on how "saturated" the beauty industry is, in fact it's only really "saturated" at the bottom. The top is where those of us are collaborating and coming together to create huge developments in the industry. 

Perspective is everything and if you already have negative views about an industry and how "saturated" it is maybe this isn't the industry for you, because regardless of how many people are in the lash industry there still isn't someone like you. You are the missing piece that sets your business apart from others, be mindful of that!


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