Steps to becoming a beauty professionalšŸ’•


If you want to be serious about growing your beauty business let's talk licensing. Obtaining a license is very important as a beauty professional. Having proper credentials and licensure protects your business and allows you to legally service the public. It is a requirement in most states to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist in order to perform eyelash extensions and other various services. Check your state Cosmetic Arts board website for requirements to perform eyelash extension or whatever service you are interested in.Ā 

So how do you go about obtaining a license? First you will need to attend a beauty school or community college that offers esthetician or cosmetology program. Most programs are between 600-1500 hours dependent upon the state and program. Many beauty schools provide financial assistance to attend their programs so see if any of these apply to you.Ā 

After enrolling in an accredited program you'll need to apply to take your state board upon completion of graduating from the program. After taking your theory exam and practical exam and passing with an 85% or better you can apply for licensure as a beauty professional.Ā 

This process can take anywhere from 8 months-1 year or more depending on whether or not you attend school full time, part time, etc.Ā 

All in all, if the beauty industry and providing services is something you're interested in then attaining licensure is something you should highly consider.Ā 

We hope this blog post helped and if you need any additional information or possible school recommendations feel free to contact us! We'd love to help.Ā 

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